Best Indian wildlife photographers

Homegrown introduces you to a few Indian wildlife photographers that are actively participating in raising awareness for the cause using their wonderful work as vehicles.

1.Rathika Ramasamy

DD National has featured Rathika as the first woman wildlife photographer in India. Based out of New Delhi, she started her stint in wildlife photography in 2004. She was quickly drawn to bird photography and now she specializes in the field. Over the last decade, she has traveled to most national parks and sanctuaries in North India and Africa to document some of the rarest bird species – many of which are endangered. Her work is an endeavor to educate people about the rich natural resources this country possesses and the importance of preserving them. Ramasamy has also had her work showcased by numerous domestic and international publications. She went on to be I. selected as one of the top bird photographers in 2008 and her work was exhibited alongside several other bird photographers. Her first book, ‘Bird Photography’ was published in 2010.

 2.Jayanth Sharma

Like Rathika, Jayant Sharma took up photography in 2004. Before he became a full-time wildlife photographer, he was an IT professional. He is best known for combining elements of nature with those of fine art and portraying them in never seen before perspectives. His experience spans the world – from Southeast Asia to Brazil, Canada to Eastern Africa and Norway to East Russia. He is also tremendously knowledgeable about the Indian subcontinent. His abstinence from postproduction and digital manipulations is, perhaps, what makes his work seem not contrived.

3.Kalyan Verma

Kalyan Verma is a wildlife photographer, filmmaker, naturalist and explorer specializing in environment, science and ecology in India. He works a as a freelancer with many of the world’s leading publications and broadcasting networks, such as Nat Geo and BBC. Over the last 8 years, Kalyan has worked on several landmark wildlife series for the aforementioned channels. He founded an online community for wildlife photographers, called India Nature Watch, which ultimately became the largest online portal for aspiring and upcoming wildlife photographers in Asia. He has also worked on a number of documentaries and books concerning conservation actions and activism in collaboration with scientists, conservationists, policy makers and educators. Verma’s unique blend of journalism and an artistic eye is what draws people to his work, and compels them to look beyond just the visual.

4.Sandesh Kadur

Sandesh Kadur’s first interaction with wildlife photography happened at a relatively young age, when his father gifted him an SLR and a number of Nation Geographic films for his birthday. He spent most of his early life extensively studying and researching the biodiversity in India, Mexico and South America and even has a degree in wildlife photography from the University of Texas. As a professional wildlife photographer, he has immense expertise in India, especially the Western Ghats and the Himalayas.
His work, whether still or video, is a means to inspire wildlife conservation, which is something he is deeply passionate about. His impressive repertoire has been showcased in various books and magazines all over the world, while his documentaries have been aired on channels such as BBC and Discovery. He has also racked up a number of awards over the years, including the CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year as well as being nominated twice for a Green Oscar.

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