Introducing Shutterstock’s New Unlimited Music Subscription

Introducing Shutterstock’s New Unlimited Music Subscription

Subscribe now to take advantage of the unlimited creative possibilities offered by unlimited music downloads.

Heads up, digital content creators: Finding the right music for your projects — at the right price — just got a whole lot easier.

Shutterstock is excited to announce a brand-new unlimited music subscription that gives you the freedom to download as many tracks as you need, whenever you need them, all for one low monthly price. This is a fantastic resource for anyone working across multiple projects and channels — and for anyone who just wants more music for less money.

Shutterstock’s unlimited music subscription helps video editors, YouTubers, and social media managers meet growing content demands while extending their brand’s reach, and empowers them to focus on their creative vision instead of worrying about the budget. Unlimited song downloads also make it a breeze for podcast producers to keep music beds and background tracks fresh across numerous episodes.

Of course, web-based creators aren’t the only professionals who benefit from subscribing — “real-world” uses are covered too, like conference presentations, video walls, trade show booths, brick and mortar stores, and more.

Subscribing is simple.

  1. Sign in to Shutterstock, or create a new account.
  2. Visit the pricing page to subscribe for only $149 per month — no annual commitment required.
  3. Elevate your projects with an unlimited supply of best-in-class music.

Unlimited music subscriptions are powered by our popular Standard license that covers all web-based usage and many business uses. When you subscribe, you get instant download access to our complete library of royalty-free tracks, where you can choose from thousands of songs, all of them hand-picked by music professionals.

Discovering music to complement your creative projects takes no time at all, thanks to precise, easy-to-use filters that let you search by genre, mood, popularity, freshness, and more. With dozens of tracks added weekly, you’ve always got new music at your fingertips. Plus, our curated playlists ensure you’re on top of new trends, popular genres, and regional tastes.

We invite you to learn more about the creative and business benefits of subscribing. Activate your plan today to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities offered by unlimited downloads.

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